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An occupational drivers license attorney in San Antonio may be able to help you obtain a restricted or essential need license during the period of time in which your driver’s license is suspended. Never drive when your license is suspended unless you have an occupational license. Compliance with license suspension may involve becoming.

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A drivers license name change in Texas is handled by the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS). Because a Texas drivers license is a primary form of personal identification, it is important to request a DMV name change when necessary in order to keep the document updated.

Click here to get your step-by-step guide for this process. Applying for a new Texas Driver’s License or Passenger Permit The State of Texas requires you renew your driver’s license upon expiration. Click here to simplify and find all the details for your renewal in the step-by-step process. Renewing your Texas Driver’s License In Texas.

Getting your driver license in Texas as a new resident requires three main steps: Get an official state vehicle safety inspection — at one of these places. Get your car registered in Texas — at your county tax office. surrender your old driver license and apply for a Texas license — at your local DPS.

and driving with an invalid license. The program is designed to help keep non-violent. had been in place when he was arrested for small-time marijuana possession in San Antonio back in February..

Hi! Recently moved from CT, my 90 days are almost up, gotta switch over that drivers license I guess. Finally got the plates switched. Anyway, my question is: when i go to the DPS, will I get a new license the same day? REason I ask is.everywhere I’ve ever lived, you walk out of the building w/your new license.

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